Use and maintenance rules


General rules

  • The environment of use must not be damp and excessively dusty.
  • All products must be stored in the appropriate storage systems after being used.
  • All products must be cleaned of dust, magnesite and sweat after daily use.
  • For a correct duration all the products that must be dropped on the ground must be used on proper protected floor area with a thickness of the rubber flooring greater than or equal to 2 cm.
  • Outdoors only use products that have been designed for that use.
  • Do not use detergents that are too aggressive for cleaning products. Chlorine, Acetone or similar chemicals can damage the equipment and will void the warranty.



All products with bolts must be periodically checked in their tightening in order to guarantee the correct safety of the user and to avoid possible breakage of loose or insufficiently tight parts, causing the breakage of the same and also the cancellation of the validity of the warranty.


Painted products must always be clean from sweat, moisture, magnesite, dust. After each use it is recommended to clean all the painted equipment first with a damp cloth and then with a dry one. Dents and scratches have to be dealt with immediately and retouched to avoid the appearance of rust.


All the barbell sleeves do not require any special maintenance except for the attention not to keep it in contact with liquids. No lubrication is necessary as they are equipped during production. Do not clean the barbell sleeves and the knurling of the bars with steel brushes so as not to scratch the surface.


Use a damp cloth for cleaning and if you use detergents, only use neutral ones and not excessively aggressive ones.


Safe use of BEARFITNESS® products

All products have been designed, developed and manufactured for professional functional training. BEARFITNESS assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries to people caused by improper use of the products. It is recommended that you always use common sense when using the training equipment, this will protect you from any risk of injury to yourself, other people in the vicinity, animals, objects and property.


During unpacking and assembly, the instructions in the user manual must be followed. All recommended tools and accessories must already be available before starting assembly operations. The lack of tools and suitable equipment for this operation can cause injuries or hurt people or damage objects. Before removing packaging and proceeding with the assembly of BEARFITNESS products, always make sure that you are operating in a safe and sufficiently large place. Given the cumbersome volume and the high weight of many items, it is recommended to avoid their positioning on irregular surfaces or their housing in places placed at a high height as their fall could cause injury to people or damage to property. BEARFITNESS assumes no responsibility for accidents or injuries to people caused by the wrong choice of the place where unpacking, storage, assembly and outfitting.

For all products that require installation and fixing to walls and existing floors or structures, we recommend the advice of an expert technician who can calculate and confirm the stability and the weight support of the structure on which you intend to put the BEARFITNESS product.

BEARFITNESS in respect of environmental issues tries to use as far as possible only eco-friendly materials for packaging and recommends to all its customers to provide for a proper disposal of the different materials used for the boxes and packaging. Environmental care must always be the first rule.

Particular attention should be paid to the equipment and parts of the same most easily subject to wear and damage such as ropes, cables, straps, bushings, buckles, elastic bands, joints, etc.

All bolted equipment have to be checked regularly to check that bolts and nuts are properly tightened and tight.

In the event that any BEARFITNESS product is found to be defective, damaged, worn out or malfunctioning, it must be removed from use and repaired or replaced.

Unless a BEARFITNESS product has been designed and built for outdoor use and storage, outdoor use and storage may cause premature wear and deterioration. We also inform you that any damaged or worn item does not meet the safety standards necessary for its use and has to be promptly removed to proceed with its repair or replacement.

All notices and recommendations on the products must in no way be removed or covered.

BEARFITNESS is in no way responsible for damage caused to objects and animals or injuries to persons caused by negligent behavior that lead to failure to control and to the lack of maintenance of equipment and products.


Fundamental basic rules before and during the use of all BEARFITNESS® products

  • Always use all the safety measures required by the rules of use
  • Never overload your training equipment. Always follow the instructions provided. Any overloaded product may suddenly break, bend or break and cause injury to people.
  • Always consult a doctor before embarking on any type of training program. It is recommended to consult an expert trainer before starting any physical exercise. To prevent the possibility of injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments, avoid any kind of overtraining.
  • Proper warm up before training prevents the possibility of injury.
  • Always start training with a very low level of effort and then increase consistently with your abilities and physical conditions.
  • In case of nausea, difficulty breathing, chest or head pain, stop the training immediately and consult a doctor if the symptoms mentioned above persist.
  • Always train by wearing clothes and shoes suitable for the type of training.
  • Always work out on a suitable floor.
  • Children should not use any product for training unless supervised by adults.
  • It is recommended not to swallow splinters, fragments or flakes coming from the finish of the products as it could be the painting, the chromium plating or residual raw material from the article production.
  • Always pay attention to children, training tools are not toys.
  • BEARFITNESS is in no way responsible for allergic reactions or personal injury caused to people during exercise with their products for training.
  • Keep in mind that chemicals and metals such as Lead, Chrome, Nickel or Cadmium are commonly used industrially and could lead to allergic reactions or personal injury.
  • The use of articles made with natural latex could lead to allergic skin reactions. Always check that the workout item you will be using is not made of a material you are allergic to.