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WALL RIG – 100-T BAR 170-FLY100


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Wall RIG to be fixed to the wall with the following features

  • No. 1 Pull Up/Bar Muscle Up Stations L=100 cm
  • No. 2 Rack Stations L=100 cm
  • No. 1 T Bar L=170
  • No. 1 Flying Bar L=100


  • No. 4 Column standard H=275 cm  art. RKCCLS001
  • No. 1 Single Bar L=100 cm  art. RKCSTS33100
  • No. 1 T Bar L=170 cm  art. RKCTR170
  • No. 1 Flying bar L=100 cm  art. RKCFB100
  • No. 4 Double Bar L=100 cm  art. RKCST33100
  • No. 1 Couple J-Cups  art. RKCATT001
  • INCLUDED all bolts for connecting the components of the structure
  • NOT INCLUDED floor fixing elements (ONLY ON REQUEST)

Paint: Matt Black and Special Grip on bars

Certification: CE EN ISO 20957-1

This product can also be used outdoor because of its protection with our specific treatment called OUTDOOR POW-IMM PROTECTION a double coating. The first immersion to increase the complete protection against corrosion from atmospheric agents, and the second to deposit to guarantee a uniform aesthetic appearance and effective protection from contact during its use.


Article code: W100T170FL100

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Weight 145 kg
Dimensions 280 × 100 × 100 cm
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