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WALL RIG 100-170 – 3 RACKS 3 RMU BT – SERIES 8


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Modular RIG composed of columns, crossbars and bars for performing gymnastic exercises and for training strength with overload
Wall fixing solution.


  • Columns in tubular size 80 × 80 thickness 3.2 mm
  • Drilling with 10-step pitch 75 mm distance, 20 positions 50 mm distance
  • Laser Cut numbering from 1 to 20 for the position of the rocker arm in the left side of the columns
  • Bear logo in Laser Cut on the right side of the columns
  • Single bar for pull-ups and bar muscle up front diameter 1 ″ (33 mm)
  • Single bar for pull-ups and lateral up muscle bar diameter 1 ″ (33 mm)
  • Double bar / perforated crossbar mounted on a High column for connecting rope climb / rings
  • Pair of J-Cups Supplied with protective plastic coating
  • Supporting plates with 4 holes for dowels diameter 16 mm
  • Structural fixing bolts 16 mm diameter galvanized class 8.8
  • Standard column height 275 cm
  • High Columns height 365 cm
  • Powder coating
  • Black Hi-Grip paint bars
  • Columns Standard color: Black
  • Columns Color on request: Red RAL 3001, Blue RAL 5015, Green RAL 6018
  • CAPACITY Barbell Support Pair 800 Kg
  • LOAD Single rail 800 Kg
  • Structural LIFE WARRANTY if properly used
  • GUARANTEE OF PAINTED SURFACES 5 years if NOT SCRATCHED, and installed in NON-DAMP environments
  • INCLUDED all bolts for connecting the components of the structure
  • NOT INCLUDED Gym rings/Ropes
  • NOT INCLUDED wall and floor fixing elements (ONLY PROVIDED ON REQUEST)
  • Dimensional customizations and colors on request

Certification: CE EN ISO 20957-1

This product can also be used outdoor because of its protection with our specific treatment called OUTDOOR POW-IMM PROTECTION a double coating. The first immersion to increase the complete protection against corrosion from atmospheric agents, and the second to deposit to guarantee a uniform aesthetic appearance and effective protection from contact during its use.


Article code: WR8_100-170_115_X3

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Dimensions 370 × 80 × 80 cm
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