This innovative surface treatment allows to combine a superior surface protection of the barbell bar to a refined aesthetics. The treatment involves an advanced ceramic-based coating system, that is applied to the shaft at high temperature after special surface preparation – popularized in the gun industry for its durability in thin applications.

Its high protective characteristics derive from the action at the molecular level stabilized by the high temperature. CERAKOTE ceramic coatings are durable, heat resistant, corrosion resistant with excellent long-lasting performance, as well as presenting the best solution to the resistance to chemical agents both at room temperature and at high temperatures. Today it is the best protection system on the market against atmospheric agents, chemicals and those components subjected to thermal stress.

Fully machined and assembled in Italy, our barbells continue to represent the highest level of precision engineering. The Cerakote Finish version maintains all the key features of barbell.

A barbell that has always delivered multi-purpose versatility and dependable performance now also offers the ability to match it with the colors of your gym.

The real Made in Italy Cerakote® barbell is only BearFitness®


Only with BEARFITNESS® you can customize your barbell, making your every day tool exclusively yours!

You can customize the sleeves with your name, a writing or your gym logo. The writing will be CNC enbossed.