The Olympic Barbell is the “MUST” of the lifting with overload, the fundamental tool of Weightlifting and Powerlifting, and the one that allows with technique and simplicity to train the largest number of muscles in the body.

In BEARFITNESS® it is the first product to be designed and tested, and that is what has made it possible to exploit more internal knowledge of materials technology awareness. Its use with overloads positions it as the most stressed product and above all even with heavy loads. The fall to the ground of the loaded barbell requires a double check, static and dynamic. The passing of all tests allows us to consider this product the most technologically advanced among all our products, as the choice of material and processing technologies grants it duration and stability.

Fully machined and assembled in Italy, our barbells continue to represent the highest level of precision engineering.


Only with BEARFITNESS® you can customize your barbell, making your every day tool exclusively yours!

You can customize the sleeves with your name, a writing or your gym logo. The writing will be CNC enbossed.